Where to Watch Gordon Ramsay Scream at a South Bay Restaurant

Gordo sets his sights on Manhattan Beach tonight
Gordo sets his sights on Manhattan Beach tonight Photo: Acme via Flickr

Want to see Gordon Ramsay torture one of our own restaurateurs? Tonight you’ll get your wish as Lido di Manhattan in Manhattan Beach meets Gordo’s wrath on Kitchen Nightmares. Having been submitted for casting by a friend, Lido owner Lisa Hemmat wasn’t quite familiar with Ramsay’s style and tells Squid Ink she broke down in tears after he closed the kitchen for finding “a fingerful of dust” and she watched her customers start leaving. Ramsay eventually convinced Hemmat to cook more dishes from scratch and update her menu with tapas and wine bar items, while lending Hell’s Kitchen chef Scott Leibfried to the restaurant, which has been doing well locally but wants to put itself “on the map.” See for yourself how Lido di Manhattan fares under Ramsay’s evil eye tonight at 9:00 P.M. on Fox.

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