Where to Cook with Fabio Viviani

Photo: Firenze Osteria

We don’t know if Fabio Viviani has turned things around since S. Irene Virbila gave his food at Firenze Osteria a verbal beating, but we get word from the restaurant that he’s now offering cooking classes there. You might not be as interested in making what the L.A. Times critic called “Italian Food for Dummies,” but if you’ve always found the toque dreamy, this might be the event with you in mind. The invite teases with thrills and pleasures: “Love, Food, Misbehavior,” it screams. Our inner desperate housewife is already feeling flushed, plus there’s a photo showing a kid-friendly Fabio making nice with a tike, clarifying which demo should swoon here. Next Saturday, Fabio will show said dummies interested parties how to prepare stuffed calamari, malfatti with cheese sauce, and chicken Milanese with an arugula and parmesan salad for $50 over two hours. Be warned, he might kiss you, but hey, at least he’s actually at his restaurant this time. Call Firenze Osteria 818-760-7081 for reservation.