What to Drink at Caña Rum Bar

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Cedd Moses’$2 213 sends us more details on Caña Rum Bar at The Doheny today, confirming our suspicions that the entrepreneur is more Camilo Cienfuegos at heart than well, Edward L. Doheny as a good start. By which we mean the guy is opening all of these premium Downtown hang-outs for the people and not just to snatch their loot. Not only did he slash membership dues at this private club from $1200 to just $20 annually upon taking over, but all of these dues will go to a different non-profit charity that changes every month, starting with a Haitian relief group. Membership also comes with invites to tastings and classes, while daily specials offer hand-made daiquiris and mojitos for $6. So, what’s to drink at Caña?

Caña has 140 small-batch rums–broken into English, Spanish, and cane-derived styles, plus authentic, classic rum-cocktails from Cuba, Jamaica, and Brazil. There are also Tiki creations honoring the L.A. sub-culture spawned at Don the Beachcomber, all crafted by mix-master generals John Coltharp and Joel Black with fresh fruit. There is also beer and wine from rum-producing countries among drink ingredients described on the menu itself as “deadly.” Expect killer mai tais, zombies, dark and stormy’s, and yes, real Ting soda. Caña will also sell cigars that can be paired with your rum, and when you want to throw down with friends over its live Caribbean tunes, punch-bowls!

The Tiki drinks will have to be strong and slightly crazy to compete with the Tar Pit and our old-schoolie favorite, Tiki-Ti. But as much as we like Mark Peel putting a ball gag in our libations, Cana’s social, community-oriented exaltation of rum already has us more intrigued by the stuff than ever. Caña Rum bar at The Doheny is currently in strict soft-opening mode, but will be officially open at the end of the month from 6:00 P.M. till 2:00 A.M. Monday through Friday. Membership details are on line.

714 W. Olympic Blvd. Downtown

What to Drink at Caña Rum Bar