What Projects Is David Chang Working On in Asia?

Photo: NY1

David Chang got the “One-on-1” treatment on NY1 yesterday. Among the things he told Budd Mishkin is the now-familiar story of how he roped some Japanese strippers into showing up to the opening of Momofuku Noodle Bar (the young chef’s thinking: “If we get hot, very beautiful women, maybe even strippers, to come to our restaurant on a consistent basis, that’ll be the draw. Not the food!”). Also see the lengthy outtake footage for the great story behind the McEnroe art on Ssäm’s walls, and the reason Chang considers Korean culture one of the most xenophobic. The most intriguing quote, though, came from Budd Mishkin, who concluded his broadcast by informing us that Chang is “on the road working right now on several projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and Korea.”

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3/16/2010 One On 1 Extra: David Chang [NY1]