VirbilaSucks Twitter Page Vanishes

L.A. Times Building
L.A. Times Building Photo: Omar Omar via Flickr

Staring at a review of Carlitos Gardel, a fourteen-year-old restaurant, in The L.A. Times today, we thought it a ripe moment to check in on Lynne Kim’s VirbilaSucks Twitter page that collects various rants about the paper’s critic, Sherry Irene Virbila. Unfortunately, we find the page doesn’t exist anymore and does not appear revoked by Twitter. We’ve reached out to Kim to find out whether she had a change of conscious or if blogger Tony Chen might have been onto something when asking us if Kim had perhaps been “accosted?” Before we accuse the Times’ itself or some unit of our “play-nice” foodie mafia, we’re waiting to hear back from Kim, so stay tuned for an update when and if she does.

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