UWS Loses Chinese Restaurants; Obama’s Cheeseburger Problem


The Upper West Side's neighborhood Chinese restaurants are disappearing fast. [West Side Spirit]

Cheeseburgers and desserts are the primary culprit behind Obama's high cholesterol, says Robert Gibbs. [Salon]

Once the exclusive provenance of high-end patisseries, macarons have gone mainstream, popping up everywhere from Whole Foods to French McDonald's. [WSJ]

Chile's largest winemaker has temporarily halted production after this weekend's earthquake. [AP]

Rose Gray, chef of London's influential River Caf, died over the weekend at 71. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

Quiznos plans to open hundreds of mini-locations within convenience stores over the next two years. [WSJ]

A sign in front of the Harlem Chuck E. Cheese's lists several rules of conduct, most related to gangs. [A Fine Blog via Gothamist]