Underground Gourmet Gets Cheeky; Follow Blue Ribbon’s Cookbook Timeline


In the magazine this week, the Underground Gourmet reviews Saltie and Cheeky — two sandwich shops with serious menus to offset the impish names. Williamsburg’s Saltie is “Mediterranean-inflected, a little Indian, pickled, herby, a bit messy, with heavy veggie tendencies and a few blatant Britishisms,” while Cheeky channels New Orleans on the Lower East Side. Rachel Wolff quantifies the pending “Tunapocalypse” with scary numbers like $30 or $40: the cost per pound for “lab-grown” bluefin that is prohibitive to most restaurants.

The Blue Ribbon cookbook is out next month, but follow Rob and Robin’s timeline to find out why it took Bruce and Eric Bromberg eighteen years and nine restaurants to publish it. The sap is running upstate, but Locanda Verde pastry chef Karen DeMasco offers a maple-roasted pineapple recipe that you can follow here in the city. Finally, Rob and Robin compiled a promising list of openings this week, including Kenmare and d.o.b. 111.