Twitter Campaign Criticizes L.A. Times Critic

Photo: Student of Rhythm via Flickr

Sometimes we agree with our local restaurant critics and sometimes we don’t. Then there’s Lynn Kim, who feels so aggrieved with the reviews of S. Irene Virbila that she started a “VirbilaSucks” Twitter account. The page gathers the author’s own disagreements with Virbila (“I’m just saying what you all are saying. Admit it. You’re fed up. The food city of L.A. deserves better.”) to others taking issue with the critic, like Rob Eshman’s longer exploration of the Ado mix-up we found Virbila in last summer. Though the writer admits this campaign is “tasteless” and while we’re yet to “puke” reading our Food Section, we do agree someone needs to critique the critics every now and then.