‘True Story’ Behind The Hump Bust on KCRW Tomorrow

Photo: PSD via Flickr

You followed the tale of The Hump’s shutter after the restaurant served whale meat sushi to two activists, now hear the story from Crystal Galbraith herself on Evan Kleiman’s KCRW radio show Good Food. Galbraith was one of the undercover operatives who posed as a typical diner driven-by-endangered-delicacies who visited the Hump and stuck a sample of Sei sushi into her purse, helping bring the illegal activity into light. Appearing Saturday, KCRW promises “the real story” behind the sting and Galbraith will no doubt describe the horror she must have felt as a vegan with a hunk of whale flesh sitting in front of her. Listen live tomorrow, 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on KCRW or online.

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