Tom Colicchio Doesn’t Suffer Kid Critics Gladly

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Tom Colicchio didnt take kindly to the attention we gave the Columbia Spectators over-the-top slam of Colicchio & Sons earlier today. After Gael Greene tweeted about it, he responded, Really Gael, this is the kind of nonsense that you want to retweet? (Greene is actually a fan of the restaurant.) And he sounded no more pleased when he called us on the phone this afternoon to ask, Since when did you start reprinting reviews from college newspapers?

Come on, Tom! We mentioned those three Times stars in two different posts today! (And fine, lets remind readers that Ryan Sutton gave it three stars, too.) Anyway, once we assured Colicchio that Grub Street readers probably arent taking dining advice from someone who thinks the chef-owner personally makes dessert, he saw the humor in the post. That said, were willing to believe Bells 450-word assessment that the Barnard student centers new caf is an utter waste of dining dollars.