Toilet Tussle Entangles Neptune’s Net

Fried food, beer, and Port-O-Potties form the Neptune experience
Fried food, beer, and Port-O-Potties form the Neptune experiencePhoto: KThread via Flickr

Ever wonder why Neptune’s Net, despite huge weekend crowds and the accompanying cash flow, only has four port-o-potties to serve its tourist/biker-gang clientele? Owner Michelle Lee suggests blaming it on Ventura County in fliers posted around the restaurant, alleging the country has repeatedly turned down the seafood shack’s requests to upgrade its bathrooms. At issue are county laws that prohibit restaurants with on-site septic systems from constructing new plumbing, and Neptune was caught in the Nineties trying to build additional space for bathrooms on a new deck, reports Ventura County Star. Lee is currently being told that the “only option” is to build her own sewage treatment plant, which she says would cost “more than a million dollars.” This means the crowded, famous restaurant is resigned to keep those portable bathrooms as its only option, at least for now.

Neptune’s Net has long tussle with county over toilets [Ventura County Star]