Today’s Shake Shack Brooklyn Rumor-Type Thing

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

We like Shake Shack rumors almost as much as we like Shake Shack burgers, so let’s throw this one on the flattop and see if it sizzles. It’s coming to us care of At the Sign of the Pink Pig, whose creator Kim Davis recently self-published a candid “New York dining almanac” of 400 restaurants: “Let’s say a moderately well-known restaurant was known to be closing its doors after half a dozen or so years. And let’s say it had a nice terrace for outdoor dining alongside. And it was very near an entertainment center. A good place for a Shake Shack? Remember where you heard it first.” We have to admit we’re a little stumped here, and yes, this reads more like wishful thinking than genuine intel — but, hey, something to think about.

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