They Love the Dolores Park Truffle Guy on Yelp; Whole Foods Pulls Raw Milk Off Its Shelves

• Dolores Park’s Truffle Guy, a.k.a. Chester Copperpots, has a review page on Yelp. Really, people? [Uptown Almanac]

Heath Ceramics, beloved by Alice Waters, opens its Ferry Building store ahead of schedule. [SFoodie]

• A guide to selecting, storing, and using asparagus, now in high season. [Chron]

• The FDA is cracking down on raw milk, leading Whole Foods to pull the product from its shelves. [WSJ]

• In Springfield, Illinois, the horseshoe sandwich, an open-faced assemblage of bread, meat, and French fries smothered in cheese sauce, reigns supreme. [WSJ]

• Former Yahoo executive Sarah Endline’s candy business Sweetriot is a favorite of both celebrities and investors. [NYDN]

• Fatty foods could be as addictive as heroin, suggests a new study. [NYDN]

• Former Eat Me Daily and Serious Eats editor Raphael Brion is now helming Eater National. [Eater]