The Woman Who Trounced Shake Shack Nolita

Photo: NYP

There’ve been previous accounts of the fight against Shake Shack Nolita, but the Post is the first to get the story straight from Debra Zimmerman, the director of a film nonprofit who spearheaded the campaign. She met with fellow neighbors, an influential architect, and finally with Danny Meyer himself: “On February 19, Zimmerman looked Meyer in the eye for the first time. The restaurateur agreed to meet with her and her fellow protesters, and to her shock, he didn’t fight back.” So how did she celebrate? By trekking to the Upper West Side and trying her first Shack burger! ““I think they’re good!” she says. “I’ve been a fan of his restaurants for a very long time. We think he’s an amazing person for really hearing us and responding.”

The woman who killed Shake Shack [NYP]