Janis Is the New Beatrice and Jesse Malin Is the New Paul Sevigny, Got It?

De Santos
De Santos Photo: Melissa Hom

Things not to do if you want your lounge to be the new Beatrice: tell the Observer that your lounge is the new Beatrice. Nevertheless, the owner of De Santos points out that his basement is “a very similar place, and now that [Beatrice] closed, this is a perfect place to come and hang out because it’s the same music and people who used to go to Bea.” Plus it has a lady name: Janis! Just like Chloe! And the Jane!

But Paul Sevigny isn’t impressed: “I don’t know why anyone would bother comparing themselves to anything else or setting themselves up for failure.” Clearly Jesse Malin, owner of Cabin Down Below, understands that. When Niteside tells him people are calling him the new Paul Sevigny, he says, “I don’t know who Paul Sevigny is. I thought I was the new Paul Stanley. I don’t usually talk too much about the clubs. They carry themselves.”

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