Takashi’s Corned Beef Ramen Actually Sounds Pretty Good

Just like you get in Dublin.
Just like you get in Dublin. Photo: iStockphoto

If you’re looking for a St. Paddy’s Day alternative to the beer, soda bread, and alka-seltzer that the majority of revelers will be consuming, boy do we have a wacky questionably-Irish hybrid foodstuff for you: Takashi Yagihashi will be seriving corned-beef ramen at this Sunday’s noodle lunch at Takashi. “My wife is Irish,” Yagihashi told us, explaining that his family makes a traditional corned beef and cabbage every year. “But we always found so much broth left, and I thought ‘why do we throw away this very flavorful broth?’” So he added a splash of soy sauce, sliced up the corned beef, swapped in rice noodles for the potato (“It sounds almost like a pho“), garnishes it with cabbage and carrots, and finishes the dish with scallions and cilantro. Your classic Japanese-Irish fusion.