Sushi Eating Contest Heads to Huntington Beach this Sunday

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Can’t get enough sushi? You could be off raw fish forever after attending RA Sushi Bar this Sunday in Huntington Beach, where the restaurant’s first “Maki Madness” sushi-eating tournament is being held. Organized in heats to honor March Madness, participants will struggle to gobble two “Tootsy Maki” rolls faster than their peers, with the final round challenging semi-finalists to swallow the most rolls in three minutes. In addition to winning the title of H.B. sushi-eating champ, the victor gets $600 of free sushi, which sounds sort of like a punishment after what he or she endures. Registration is closed, but if watching people yak seafood all over the place sounds like your thing, the event costs $10 for the public, starting at 4:15 P.M., with NCAA games also shown alongside themed drink specials.

[H.B. Sushi Eating Contest/O.C. Weekly]