Sushi Delivery by Smart Car

Sushi-Bo Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

We just spotted a new sushi delivery concept called Sushi-Bo putting some final touches on its wrapped Smart Car. While a website appears under construction, SushiBo’s Facebook describes the venture as “The first sushi delivery in Los Angeles,” and shows photos of sashimi and heart-shaped rolls, along with a chocolate lava cake. The website’s sidebar introduces a roll named “Maki Ludo,” in addition to one with Nutella, while “funny rice” and “fruto and fizz” are also promised with the fish. We see Sushi-Bo setting up two stations around West Hollywood as well as online ordering forms, and the site will feature space for personal online accounts and a dieting blog with menus. We weren’t able to reach Sushi-Bo at any of its listed numbers, but we’ll keep you updated when we learn more about this ambitious plan to drop raw fish on your doorsteps.