Smokin’ Bandits: Hill Country Reports Its Barbecue Mobile Stolen

Photo: Courtesy of Hill Country

Hill Country’s former pitmaster Robbie Richter (now the smoke tender at Fatty ‘Cue) points us to a message-board post from his former boss John Shaw. It seems Hill Country’s catering truck and barbecue trailer — used to transport its Kreuz Market vibe and meats to private events — has gone missing.

Howdy Folks - Please keep on the lookout for a Hot and Cold Hotshot Catering Truck and a Pitts and Spitts built Barbecue Trailer - both with Hill Country Catering and Events branding all over it - although it may have already been re-painted. They were taken out of our garage in NYC on Sat Feb 27th. A $$ REWARD and a mighty thank you to anyone who helps us get it back!! You can see photos on the website page on link included
Please call me with any info:
John Shaw
Operating Partner
Hill Country Hospitality
212-255-4544 ext 11

Truly bad news, but at least it wasn’t the RUB chopper!

Hill Country BBQ NYC Truck n Smoker Trailer Stolen [RBJB]