Roggies Nachos Worth the White Hats; Keeping Lord Hobo’s Secret

Coppa's heritage pork fennel sausage with broccoli rabe
Coppa’s heritage pork fennel sausage with broccoli rabePhoto: Coppa

• Despite the “Douchebag-O-Meters…going off the charts” at Roggie’s, the nachos are delicious. [El Tour Del Nacho]

• Though begged to keep Lord Hobo a secret by Cantabrigian friends, one blogger can keep mum no more: “Lord Hobo is MY new happy place.” [Beantown Bloggery]

• The sweet potato fries at Clink are “very crisp, like an excellent regular french fry, with a light, fluffy interior possessing that delicious sweet potato flavor.” [The Passionate Foodie]

• At Coppa, the food is great, but it gets too chilly when the door opens. [BosGuy]

• Dim sum at Newton’s Chung Shin Yuan is delightful for solo diners. [FoodieMommy]