Restaurants Must Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet About Rabbit


Remember those rabbit-butchering classes at Roberta’s, where hipsters made hand puppets out of bunny carcasses? Well, today the Times uses them as a springboard to ponder why rabbit (so easy to raise and butcher, and with such lean, healthy meat) has never really caught on. For one thing, it can be difficult (and not cheap) to source locally, and, more important, people just can’t get over those Velveteen Rabbit associations: “Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn had rabbit on some menus shortly after it opened in late 2008. But after a table of guests walked out, it came off. Now the only rabbit served at the restaurant is disguised in a country terrine.”

If you have reservations about lapin, Food Curated’s visit to the farm of John Fazio, who sells head-on rabbits to Savoy and Marlow & Sons, is unlikely to sway you. Aw, just wook at those wittle wabbits …

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