Reidinger Loves the Fresh Pretzels at Urban Tavern; Kauffman’s a Little Lukewarm About Barbacco

Photo: SFBG

Paul Reidinger begins his latest review with a jab at the now defunct venue on top of the Hyatt Regency, writing that at the larger local hotels “you’re likely to find yourself eating cioppino from a hollowed-out round of sourdough bread while the whole restaurant spins slowly, like a sideways Ferris wheel in some sad circus.” Zing! But Paul’s a fan of Colin Duggan’s food at Urban Tavern at the Hilton, especially the vegetarian stew and the starchier items like the gougères and the fresh pretzel served with slices of grilled caggiano beer sausage (pictured). [SFBG]

Jonathan Kauffman doesn’t exactly sing the praises of Barbacco the way Bauer did this weekend. He begins with a statement that sounds distinctly like a slight, “There’s a very New York feel to the place,” and goes on to describe the clientele as a bit too bougie and the service one night as “excruciating” in its slowness. But he concurs with Bauer about the chicken thigh dish, and seems to be a fan of the wine selection, despite its priciness. [SF Weekly]