Raynham Laundromat Wants to Get Crunk

San Francisco's laundromat/bar Brainwash
San Francisco’s laundromat/bar Brainwash Photo: Stepan Mazurov/Flickr

Raynham Laundry Center owner George Moniz would like to offer customers a cup of cheer to go along with their cups of Cheer, reports the Daily News Tribune. Town Selectmen, however, aren’t so sure about Moniz’s proposal, wondering how the beer and wine would be parceled out: “Do you get one drink for a wash, one drink for a dry and one drink for a fold?” inquired Marie Smith.

Though Moniz’s proposal has been tabled for now, if it is later approved, Raynham Laundry Center could follow in the footsteps of boozy laundromats across the country, like North Carolina’s Suds & Duds and San Francisco’s Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat.

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