Obama Flips High Cholesterol the Bird, Feasts on Fried Chicken


A print-only piece in this month’s Gastronomica considers all the dishes and eateries named after Obama and decides they’re not simply trying to turn a buck. Instead, they’re “trying to invest him with something by reinventing a familiar custom: namely, the gathering of a community around an individual in order to bestow their collective support as he or she begins a new stage in life’s journey — and at the center of this custom is food.” Okay, but what would the laid-off pie baker (or so the story goes) who penned an anti-Obama rap say about all that?

Who knows, but Obama still has our love — if only because on the very day that his high-cholesterol levels come to light, CBS News catches him at Savannah, Georgia’s Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room vowing to sample everything on the menu (fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cream corn, biscuits, pulled pork, and so on). Somewhere, Bill “Alliance for a Healthier Generation” Clinton is either shaking his head or licking his lips (or both).

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