Mother-Daughter Team Brings Pies (and Pie-Themed Truffles) to Hester Street Fair

Roni-Sue's truffles.
Roni-Sue’s truffles. Photo: Courtesy of Ronie-Sue’s

The latest vendor (after An Choi, Luke’s Lobster, Malbon Bros. BBQ, Sigmund Pretzel Shop, and Mile End) to join the Hester Street Fair is Roni-Sue’s Chocolates. Chocolatier Rhonda “Roni Sue” Kave (mother of Fatty Crab chef Corwin) will share a booth with her other child Allison Kave’s project, First Prize Pies. The pie company is truly a family affair: It’s co-owned by Roni-Sue’s production manager Michelle Sarivole, who also runs Sarivole Organic Bakery. As for what Roni-Sue will be selling, we’ll turn it over to her.

Inspired by our own expansion into baked goods [currently available in-store only] and our collaboration with Allison & Michelle, we’ll debut our ‘Bake Sale’ Collection at the Hester Street Fair. In typical Roni-Sue style this new truffle collection will feature our take on home-baked favorites like Red Velvet Cake, Black Out Cake, and Key Lime Pie — three ‘cakes’ and three ‘pies’ in all!”

Also, the Fair now has a website and a Twitter page.