More Dim Sum Trucks Deploy

Dim Sum Truck
Dim Sum Truck Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Sounds like a whole ‘lotta dumplings are being dumped onto our streets by mobile vendors. Squid Ink introduces us to Dumpling Station today, serving Downtown with Taiwanese dumplings in a choice of fried or steamed, in addition to kimchi additions and U.S. comfort influences like garlic fries and Nutella wantons for dessert. A natural rival is the Dim Sum Truck we really enjoyed at the Street Food Fest, serving Chinese shu-mai and har-gow, who Eater reports will expand with a second truck in the next month or so. Dim Sum Truck is also making its first forays into Santa Monica these days. As the truck trend still grows, we’re happy to see more options for one of the few things we really want more of, easy-to-find, round-the-clock dim sum.

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