Moles La Tia Chef Rocio Camacho Resurfaces in Lynwood

Photo: Gorski via Flickr

Speaking again of El Señor Teenage Gluster (isn’t everybody nowadays?) and menus from the Yucatan, the web’s wunderkind foodie recently tracked down the real-life “Tia” from Moles la Tia, who earned a surplus of raves before bailing the restaurant without a trace. Fortunately, she’s been located in Lynwood and has big plans.

Cabral got a recent call from Rocio “Tia” Camacho to announce that she was planning her own restaurant in Huntington Park. In the meantime, she has a new position cooking at Lynwood’s La Huasteca in Plaza Mexico and is in the process of retooling the five-year old eatery’s menu with Yucatan specialties inspired by a recent trip. Food GPS got a first-taste of Camcho’s cooking, which was heavy on achiote rubs, a cochinita pibil-topped, bean-filled tortilla, and of course, some kickass moles using Kahlua and shrimp. Catch up with Camacho yourself at La Huasteca, 3150 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood. 310-537-8800.

La Tia Chef Relocates to La Huasteca [Food GPS]