Mission Street Food Riffs on Rice-a-Roni, ‘Fig on a Plate’


For tomorrow night’s menu, Mission Street Food is serving up a group of witty “reconsidered” dishes from the classic SF canon, including cioppino, “fig on a plate,” and a riff on Rice-a-Roni using cannelloni, roasted carnaroli, squid, parsley, peas, and doenjang. The most curious item is a scare-quote-laden “chicken for two” with a “bread salad” that’s listed at “48.00.” Given MSF’s usual much lower price point, we’re assuming this is for irony’s sake — for the newbies in the audience, that’s a poke at Zuni — and there won’t be any actual chicken on offer at all. Please do let us know.

Saturday March 13th: Neo-Classical San Francisco Food