Mini-Mart Madness: Sunac Brings the ‘Fancy Food,’ 7-Eleven Brings the Junk Food

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Looks like the fate of 763 Sixth Avenue (at one point eyed to be a Chelsea location of Southern Hospitality) has been decided. Somewhere around a month ago, it opened as a location of “fancy food” mart Sunac, complete with coffee station, juice bar, sushi corner, “hamburger zone,” and the usual upscale deli food. If that’s just a bit too crunchy for you, take heart: A few days ago, 7-Eleven brought X-Treme Gulps and burrito rollers to 535 Eighth Avenue near 37th Street — and so, though the chain shows no sign of opening in Greenpoint as promised, it continues its inexorable advance across this great city.