Stephen Starr and Sasha Petraske to Make Sweet Cocktail Music Together


Urban planning enthusiast The Illadelph unearthed a nugget of pure restaurant news gold in an article on the upcoming Starr bier garten on Plan Philly the other day. It seems that Stephen Starr, the man who is opening every kind of restaurant, everywhere, all the time, has hired cocktail expert Sasha Petraske of NYC’s Milk & Honey to consult on a cocktail lounge that is affiliated with his upcoming Mexican restaurant El Rey. Starr’s spokesperson filled us in on some details.

The cocktail lounge is “annex” of El Rey and will have a different name and a separate identity, which has not yet been confirmed. Petraske is a consultant for the cocktail annex only - he will not be consulting on the beverage program for El Rey proper. As for what he might be whipping up for the annex, there are no details available yet.

As for the non-Petraske-influenced El Rey, that cocktail list will feature a “handful of specialty cocktails featuring fresh, hand-squeezed juices; a limited list of California, Spanish and South American wines; a choice selection of tequilas and mezcals; and an assortment of bottled and draft beer.”

Yo Fishtown: A Biergarten is in your future [Plan Philly via the Illadelph]