Mark Bello Is Ready to Train an Army of Amateur Pizzaiolos

Photo: Jillian Goodman

On “Let’s Eat In,” Robert Sietsema and Cathy Erway recently talked about how cheap it is to make your own pizza by purchasing dough from local parlors for a couple of dollars, yet somehow the trend seemingly hasn’t caught on at the rate that Neapolitan pizzerias have. That may change when Mark Bello opens his pizza-making school and shop, Pizza a Casa, at 371 Grand Street on April 15. Bello teaches students to make thin-crust New York–style pies (with an Italian influence) at home using pizza stones and pans. As he recently told Heritage Radio, his retail store (or “pizza self-sufficiency center”) will have room for twelve-person classes and will sell pizza stones, wheels, and the like. Budding pizzaiolos can sign up for classes at the center’s website.