Le Fooding Pits New York Against San Francisco

Photo: Le Fooding d’Amour

A group of French culinary enthusiasts known as Le Fooding came to New York last fall, and Adam Gopnik reports in The New Yorker that they’ll be back in the U.S. again this year. Founder Alexandre Cammas describes the movement this way: “’Fooding’ means to eat and drink with feeling — to recognize that one eats with the nose, the eyes, and the mouth, with everything that makes us human!” Gopnik makes this analogy: “Le Fooding was to cooking what the New Wave was to French cinema. The hidden goal was to Americanize French food without becoming American … ” So what better way to do that than come to États-Unis?

“The next Fooding event in New York is promised for September,” Gopnik writes. “But, instead of being once again a Franco-American conversation, it will be a match, even a confrontation between San Francisco and New York chefs.” Est Côte, Ouest Côte, Bébé!

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