Laboratorio Del Gelato (and Guss’ Pickles?) Will Open on East Houston

Photo: Robert K. Chin

Laboratorio del Gelato is finally about to fix its three downfalls — lines outside, early closing times, and only a limited number of its many flavors in play at a given time (we die inside every time they don’t have olive oil, avocado, or buttermilk). Diner’s Journal reports that they’ll open a new location at 188 Ludlow Street (near East Houston) in June, and it’ll be “five times larger, with as many as 60 flavors, later hours and a few seats inside.” The best part, given the current location’s schoolgirl-ish hours, is that it may stay open as late as midnight on weekends. Meanwhile, Eater relays a wild unconfirmed rumor that Steve and Andrew Leibowitz, who bought the Guss’ Pickles trademark and famously fought with the owners of the Orchard Street store of the same name, is opening a pickle shop near Russ & Daughters.

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