Kyochon Closes for Retraining

Photo: Melissa Hom

Following mixed reviews, Kyochon has closed for two days to get its act together, according to Midtown Lunch. We have to admit with some surprise (since we’re fans of Korean fried chicken) that after trying both Kyochon and its neighbor K! Pizzacone, pizza in a cone is the one we’d sooner eat again. Before Kyochon does reopen, we urge it to reconsider its vibrating buzzer system, similar to the one at Shake Shack. At the Shack, it makes a little bit more sense because you might be off smelling the roses in Madison Square Park when your number is called, but in Kyochon’s tiny waiting area, should you really have to hold a vibrating germ conduit right before you palm a drumstick of fried chicken?

BREAKING: Kyochon Closes for Retraining! [ML]