Katy Sparks Says Sabotage Accusations Make ‘No Sense’

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Katy Sparks tells us she’s not the person behind rumors that Bussaco is in financial trouble, which owner Scott Carney accused her of being yesterday. “I haven’t spoken to the press at all about anything having to do with Bussaco,” says Sparks. “That I was waging some kind of campaign against it makes no sense because I was given 10 percent of the business upon joining the company and I only wish the restaurant survives.” Sparks declined to comment on how Bussaco is doing, and won’t say anything about why she left except that, “We really didn’t see eye to eye and didn’t have a meeting of the minds, and sometimes you can only find that out by working with each other.” Still, she wishes Carney well. Sparks will now continue focusing on her consulting business, though she says she wouldn’t rule out returning to full-time work with another restaurant.