Jean Georges Cook Survives on Radish Peels, Granola Bars

Photo: A.J. Wilhelm and Carmen Lopez

Sophie Brickman worked on the line at Jean Georges for a few months last year, and reveals some of the inner workings of JGV’s kitchen. “I never saw a single line cook eat food between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. I subsisted on radish peelings and, once I got bold enough, granola bars in the bathroom,” she writes for The Atlantic. She did manage to copy some of the recipes out of the master book on the sous-chef station, and works on them at home: “One recipe I prepped — during the one week when I graduated from peeling vegetables — called for 26 grams of salt. 26. Who am I to judge? Maybe one gram of salt is the difference between three Michelin stars and two.”

A Master’s Precision in the Home Kitchen [Food/Atlantic]