Japanese Tacos Arrive at Yamashiro’s Weekly Market

Photo: Yamashiro

We recently spotted Korean tacos revving up their motorcycles to jump a pool of sharks, but our attention was diverted by the news that Yamashiro has Japanese tacos for sale at its new hillside farmer’s market. Racked L.A. filed a full report on the restaurant’s garden spread, and smacked into Yamashiro chef Brock Kleweno’s new taco stand sticking out among the vendors. Tacos are $6 a pair and come with miso-marinated black cod, hoisin duck confit with agave-citrus salsa, and yes, there’s even a Korean short-rib taco. You’ll also find tequila salsa verde, wasabi guacamole, ginger pico de gallo, and Korean salsa roja. One more reason besides awesome views and fresh ingredients to get thee to this weekly evening market. Find them every Thursday at 1999 N. Sycamore Ave. Hollywood from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Where to Find the Yamashiro Taco Stand [Eater via Racked L.A.]