Is Plywood Blogging Getting to Be a Little Bit Much?


Sure, we perked up a bit when Eater noticed that the signage at Pulino’s (first shown in this week’s New York) went up last night, even if Joe Dobias doesn’t seem quite as excited: “Can’t wait until I can open identical restos and just serve diff food(sort of) This is what people in NYC talk about a year before it opens!” But after the Times profile of Jonathan Benno’s Lincoln Center restaurant (still unnamed and not opening till fall), did we really need to see more construction shots? Sure enough, Feast has ‘em! Can we all agree to at least wait until a place has walls before we start with the “first looks”?

Huge Signage Goes UP As Pulino’s Creeps Closer to Debut [Eater NY]
A First Look Inside Jonathan Benno’s Lincoln Center Restaurant [Feast]