Is Lox Treyf?


A group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis declared lox nonkosher last month because salmon — and fish like cod, tilapia, flounder, and halibut — hosts a tiny parasitic worm called anisakis. The rabbis, known as Chevra Mehadrin, say the anisakis makes the fish treyf. (The Post, predictably, calls this crusade a “schmear campaign.”) The good news, at least for bubbes concerned about brunch options: Most rabbis disagree with Chevra Mehadrin. “This issue has been resolved in Jewish law for hundreds of years already,” Orthodox rabbi Moshe Elefant tells the Post. The bad news: There are tiny parasitic worms in smoked salmon.

Bagel Lovers Tell Rabbis: Don’t Pick on Our Lox [NYP]