Hill Country Lets Chicken Joint Out of the Coop

The original Hill Country
The original Hill Country Photo: Jeremy Liebman for New York Magazine

A tipster tells us that Hill Country’s Texas chicken joint at 1123 Broadway (and 25th Street, just a few blocks from what might become the John Dory) recently revealed its signage. Though Hill Country Chicken had been aiming to open in spring, reps tell us that the 2,700-square-foot, bi-level space won’t open till summer. The good news: It’ll have sidewalk seating. Hill Country Chicken will be an “updated version of the classic American fried-chicken joint” serving fried chicken and apple pie made from the recipes of Hill Country founder Marc Glosserman’s mother and grandmother, respectively. Other menu items: freshly baked pies and biscuits, fresh-cut fries, and homemade ice cream.