Guss Meets Russ? Guss’ Pickles of Cedarhurst Courts Russ & Daughters

The mother-son operators of the Orchard Street location.
The mother-son operators of the Orchard Street location. Photo: Melissa Hom

Last week there were rumors that Guss’ Pickles will change its name when it leaves the Lower East Side for Borough Park next month, perhaps owing to a longstanding trademark dispute with Guss’ Pickles of Cedarhurst. There was also word that, in a game of musical pickle barrels, the Cedarhurst operation might be opening up near Russ & Daughters. Today DNA Info confirms the name change (the Orchard Street store will be called Ess-a-Pickle — no relation to Ess-a-Bagel!), and, in the meantime, we’ve sussed out the Russ & Daughters rumors.

A person who answered the phone at Guss’ of Cedarhurst told us today, “We’re trying to work with Russ & Daughters by getting a stand inside of there.” According to that person, who didn’t give a name, the two venues “had a phone call” last week, so nothing is definite yet, but he says there’s a “50/50” chance something will come of it. Not so fast — Joshua Russ Tupper of Russ & Daughters says he’s perfectly happy with the pickles he currently sells (they come from a “local big pickle place” that he declined to name), and though someone from Guss’ did indeed give him a call last weekend, he says he hasn’t entered into any serious talks with them. “I took a call and didn’t really have a conversation, and said we could talk after the holidays.” Clearly, it’s much too early to say whether Guss’ will team up with Russ, but this much is clear: Guss’ is looking to make a move on Manhattan.