Guss Meets Russ? Guss’ Pickles of Cedarhurst Courts Russ & Daughters

The mother-son operators of the Orchard Street location.

Last week there were rumors that Guss’ Pickles will change its name when it leaves the Lower East Side for Borough Park next month, perhaps owing to a longstanding trademark dispute with Guss’ Pickles of Cedarhurst. There was also word that, in a game of musical pickle barrels, the Cedarhurst operation might be opening up near Russ & Daughters. Today DNA Info confirms the name change (the Orchard Street store will be called Ess-a-Pickle — no relation to Ess-a-Bagel!), and, in the meantime, we’ve sussed out the Russ & Daughters rumors.

A person who answered the phone at Guss’ of Cedarhurst told us today, “We’re trying to work with Russ & Daughters by getting a stand inside of there.” According to that person, who didn’t give a name, the two venues “had a phone call” last week, so nothing is definite yet, but he says there’s a “50/50” chance something will come of it. Not so fast — Joshua Russ Tupper of Russ & Daughters says he’s perfectly happy with the pickles he currently sells (they come from a “local big pickle place” that he declined to name), and though someone from Guss’ did indeed give him a call last weekend, he says he hasn’t entered into any serious talks with them. “I took a call and didn’t really have a conversation, and said we could talk after the holidays.” Clearly, it’s much too early to say whether Guss’ will team up with Russ, but this much is clear: Guss’ is looking to make a move on Manhattan.