Former Viscaya Is a Party Spot Once More

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Baresco

If its beginning to seem like underground apartment parties are the only thing going on, take note: Chelsea wine spot Bar Baresco is reviving its back room (formerly Viscaya) for weekly parties, the first of them to be thrown this Saturday by co-owner Adam Senn. Rock Room NY will, naturally, be all about rock music, starting with next weeks live performance by Senns favorite band, Tamarama. Bottle service isnt obligatory, but if you do buy a $200 bottle of Jack, itll come with disco fries and if you spring for Champagne, the fries will be topped with tuna tartar. How fun! And therell be mini-pizzas, as well. Youll recall Adam Senn is a Dolce & Gabbana model with some very pretty friends, so, model hunters, knock yourselves out.