Food Forward Plans a Picking this Weekend

Bakersfield Orange Grove
Bakersfield Orange Grove Photo: Tom Hilton via Flickr

Food Forward, an urban foraging group, is taking a vegetable oil-fueled bus to Bakersfield this Saturday to go fruit-picking in an effort to fight hunger and eat well. Open to the public at $20 a ticket, the group will board their own “Juicy Fruit Express” and head out for a day of picking that will benefit local food banks, Good Food tells us. With the Central Valley being hit hard by the combined effects of a bad economy and a vicious drought, it’s certainly a good cause at hand. Food Forward promises a good time too, leaving from The Valley in the morning with food and refreshments provided all day and a barbecue to sustain your labor, and coming back in the early evening. So if you’ve been looking for an introduction to foraging and its proponents or simply want to view the splendored charms of Bakersfield with Food Forward, give them a call at 818-554-1669 to reserve a seat on the Juicy Fruit Express.

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