Fire Hook Truck Tries Adding Heat to Korean Tacos

That's a spicy logo!
That’s a spicy logo! Photo: Fire Hook

This Saturday on Abbot-Kinney, we ran into Fire Hook BBQ, a new food truck that launched quietly a month ago but still has only 28 Twitter followers and even fewer updates. While even the most creative ventures within this trend have to deal with “Kogi rip-off” accusations, Fire Hook has hardly reinvented the wheel here, touting “Korean spicy BBQ tacos,” plus burritos, quesadillas, and sandwiches with kalbi, shrimp, and terriyaki chicken. The truck bears a logo of a massive chile pepper, but does it bring the heat?

Scanning the “series of tubes” we call the internet, Yelp turns up just two reviews with the general consensus that while the meat is a little spicy, the rest of the taco does not sustain any excitement. LosAnjealous takes it even further, stating that “nothing about the truck is inspired.” Perhaps Fire Hook’s low-profile means it is simply ironing out problems–which might or might not start with that motherlode of unmelted cheese we see– or maybe they need a new concept way beyond Korean tacos to match a fairly original name. Time will tell, though you can follow the truck on Twitter.