Enter Louis 649’s Cocktail Contest, or Just Eat New Menu Items

Photo: Lush Life Productions

Louis 649 is adding two more local purveyors to its food menu: Luke’s Lobster and Sigmund Pretzelshop. “The first time I walked into both I met the owners. I brought it up on the spot,” says GM Gianfranco Verga. The bar will debut Luke’s shrimp rolls and Gruyère- and salt-flavored pretzels from Sigmund tomorrow evening, with a free tasting and beer or wine pairing at 7 p.m.

The bar also invites amateur cocktail enthusiasts to submit original recipes by April 18 for its first annual cocktail competition. Ten semifinalists will mix their drinks at Louis 649 on April 21 for a panel of discriminating bartenders. The winner’s cocktail will earn a spot on Louis’s menu. Don’t drown yourself in mixology, Verga advises would-be contenders: “I just wanted to make it clear that while it’s great that people are taking cocktails more seriously, we shouldn’t take it too seriously — anyone can do it.” Get inspired tonight at 7 p.m., when PDT’s Jim Meehan stops by to talk about cocktail creation. For complete contest rules, visit Louis 649’s Facebook page.