Dude Cooks Get Their Own Magazine


Now that even cupcakes are dude food, it was only a matter of time before we got an equivalent of that German cooking magazine aimed at the Maxim crowd. Good Cooking doesn’t look quite as intense as its Euro counterpart (we doubt the editors, the “Deen Bros.,” are going to offend their mama Paula Deen with talk of strippers), but there it is. Plus, Media Week reports that the Reader’s Digest Association is launching mantestedrecipes.com, featuring recipes by men for men! Advice will likely include how to fire up your grill with M-80s, how to deep-fry deer meat in Jiffy Lube, how to turn an army foot locker into a barbecue smoker, how to butcher a whole hog on a flat-screen TV, and how to batter things in beer and wrap everything in bacon.

Foodie Site, Magazine Target Men [Media Week]