Court Decision Leaves Sour Taste in Beaten Critic’s Mouth

Photo: Times-Union

Tonight on Bourdain and Riperts Turn and Burn, Frank Bruni will retell the tale of the restaurateur who showed him a photo of his kids and said these are my four stars (preview clips up at Feast). Meanwhile, a less prestigious critic, Steve Barnes of the Albany Times-Union is dealing with the repercussions of a far more horrifying restaurant encounter.

Youll recall that in October of 2008, the Mario Batali doppelgnger was attacked outside of Albanys Creo. His case has now been dismissed on the basis that the defendant (an ultimate fighter) had his right to a speedy trial violated when the prosecutor missed court dates, among other procedural issues. Barnes will appeal, because unlike the restaurants he reviews, hes legally entitled to a second chance.

Charges thrown out in reporter assault case [Times-Union]