Confirmed: Joel Dennis Leaves Adour Alain Ducasse

Photo: Eric Laignel / Courtesy of Adour Alain Ducasse

Reps for Adour Alain Ducasse have confirmed that Joel Dennis, who replaced the previous chef Tony Esnault in late 2008, is now “leaving to pursue other opportunities.” They have “no further information” on rumors we heard that former Essex House chef de cuisine Didier Elena is taking over, but do have news about the interim chef: “Adour Alain Ducasse at The St. Regis New York will welcome Sylvain Portay as interim chef on March 27th. Chef Portay’s work with Alain Ducasse has spanned the past 25 years and includes a position as chef de cuisine at Le Louis XV, during which time the restaurant received 3 Michelin stars. Adour will then announce the new executive chef, replacing former executive chef Joel Dennis.”