Chile’s Grapes Still on Vines After Earthquake

Photo: Sven Bruchfeld/Wine Enthusiast

Last weekend’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake came at the beginning of harvest time in Chile’s grape-growing regions, which is lucky for both vintners and drinkers. As Wine Enthusiast reports, some wineries suffered minor damage to tanks and barrels, but stored bottles and older vintages in tanks received the most damage. The majority of the 2010 vintage remains safe, and still on the vines. “We have water, but we need electricity to run the destemmers and presses. Fortunately, only white grapes are ready now,” said Francois Lurton, owner of Hacienda Araucano. You can exhale now, all ye hoarders of bargain priced Carmenères.

Chile’s Wine Industry Wounded But Largely Spare by Massive Earthquake [Wine Enthusiast]