Canada’s Japadog Sniffs Out NYC While NYC’s Asiadog Looks Downtown


The blogosphere is abuzz today over word that the owner of Japadog, an Asian hot-dog stand that drew enormous lines during the Vancouver Olympics, is looking to set up shop in New York. So how do our hometown heroes Asiadog feel about this? Just fine, it turns out. “Japadog may share a similar concept, but our menu and flavors are extremely different,” says Melanie Campbell.

“This is NYC, and there is enough business for everyone if your food tastes good, and we feel confident that ours does.” In fact, there’s so much business to go around that Asiadog, currently entrenched at the Brooklyn Flea, has decided to expand. “We are definitely opening up a storefront in downtown this year,” reveals Campbell, “and are working on another huge vending opportunity uptown for the summer.” USA! USA!